Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Breyers on the

Breyer Scout Lynn W. forwarded the sighting of this pair of repainted "Swish-Tail" Lady Phases in a video news report on the web site! It's from some promotional event from Disney for the upcoming "A Christmas Carol" cute, they're pulling a little hearse!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

9 Toys That Prepare Children for a Life of Menial Labor

Thanks to Morgan P. for finding this hilarious gem on the web site!! (Warning, some naughty words!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"Phenomenon" (1996) is another film I'd never have watched if not for doing research for this blog. I'll admit right here and now, I loathe John Travolta, always have, probably always will. But the amazing quantity of Breyers in this film almost made the pain worthwhile! Almost.

53 or so minutes into the film we finally get to see the Breyers...of course, as set decoration for the little girl's room (do we see a pattern here???).

Mom enters the bedroom, displeased that daughter is reading a book on UFOs.

But MAN, what a great collection!!! It's a little hard to see here (I just discovered that you can click on the photos and it opens them in another window full size, so have at it!), but on the top shelf, right to left, I see the Black Appaloosa Scratching Foal, the old G1 SM QH Mare in Palomino, the dapple grey Proud Arabian Foal, the black Classic Arabian Foal, some little brown horse, the alabaster Shetland Pony, the bay Running Foal, the Stormy foal, can't tell, can't tell, can't tell, the bay Proud Arabian Foal, the Classic Kelso, and something brown.

On the dresser there's the Appaloosa Yearling with the chestnut Balking Mule behind her, to the left are the Stablemate Morgan Stallion in alabaster, and the Stablemate Quarter Horse Stallion in Palomino. On top of the radio is the Classic Swaps.

On the little bookshelf it looks like the Classic Quarter Horse Mare and the Classic Man O' War. Pretty good collection so far!

Another view, revealing a Gem Twist behind the light, and I THINK the old Traditional Man O'War in front.

On the daughter's bedside stand are two Classic Quarter Horse Foals (one black, one bay)

And look who's peeking out from behind the drapes, the good ole' Clydesdale Stallion (highlighted)

She's also got a good display on the shelves over her head, unfortunately we never get a good view of those models. I can pick out on the far right the Classic Lipizzan (or could be the Pegasus, since I can't see the top half). There's also the buckskin Lying Foal towards the far left.

Mom goes and gets "Black Beauty" from the bookshelf (yeah, let's read a sad book about a horse that suffers and sees his friends die, that's better than a book on UFOs!!), and reveals another Breyer "Stormy" and possibly the Belgian Brabant behind it on the bottom shelf!

Done arguing with her daughter, and admonishing her to go brush her teeth, we get a view of two more impressive shelves of the daughter's collection, and some of the shelf above the bed revealing it IS the Classic Lipizzan and Misty's Twilight at least.

Judging from the age of the daughter and the vintage status of most of the models, it looks to me like she inherited her mom's collection! Way to go, kiddo!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Dead Girl

One wouldn't imagine finding model horses in a movie titled "The Dead Girl", but thanks to a tip, I found 'em!

About 30 minutes into the film, one of the main characters goes into her missing sister's bedroom, untouched for 15 years. And looks like little sister had a pretty good starter collection going. Unfortunately, no Breyers. I believe she was 12 when she disappeared, so c'mon mom & dad, spring for some Breyers!!

Instead we've got dorky Unicorn bells, some My Little Ponies, and some form of Barbiesque horror on the bottom shelf. Maybe the girl ran away from home to find parents who'd spring for actual Breyers instead of this cheap stuff (no offense meant to the MLP fans out there!)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Ally Bank Pony Commercial

This hilarious ad is presently being broadcast for the Ally Bank (Previously GMAC Financing). The expressions on the dark-haired girl's face are priceless!

But the horse is the main point of interest. At first I thought it was the Schleich Haflinger Stallion, but its head is facing the wrong direction. Anyone else have a clue?

Addendum: My informed sources tell me that the model is in fact the Schleich Quarter Horse Stallion!! Thank you!


"Taken" is a kick-butt action thriller starring Liam Neeson, that I'd been wanting to see ever since it came out in 2008. But then I found out there was a bonus of the film containing BREYERS...can't get much better than that (okay, maybe if it were also starring Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp)

Within the first SECONDS of the film beginning we get our first Breyer!

Little Kim's 5th Birthday Party, and Hoorah! A Breyer Zippo Pine Bar! Made in this color from 1999-2006. Let's see...Kim is 17 in 2008, so she'd have been 5 in 1996! Ooo, bad move, Filmmakers, that model wouldn't exist for another three years! Released mid-year in 1999, because that's when I bought mine at Breyerfest for $35!

Ah well, she seems to be enjoying it. Maybe Daddy is also a time traveler along with being a "Preventer"!

Kim is a Black Hole Collector, because here in her 2008 bedroom we see she still has her Zippo along with quite a few other notable Breyers!

Let's see; Left to right: Zippo Pine Bar, what looks to me like the Action Stock Horse Foal in grey appaloosa, the Clydesdale Stallion, the smoke Western Prancer, the original bay El Pastor, the original Legionarrio III, and the original "chestnut" Clydesdale Mare! Kim has a taste for the vintage molds apparently! Time for Hollywood to update their prop department!

Another shot of Kim's collection. On the shelves above the Breyers she has a couple of unidentifiable foofoo sissy horses not worth mentioning.

Never before mentioned in the same sentence as "foofoo" and "sissy".. Liam Neeson about to cap another dozen or so bad guys!

Jack Bauer could take lessons from this guy! AND he buys his daughter Breyers! What's not to love!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Occurance at Owl's Head Museum

(C'mon, who else had to watch "An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge" in Junior High? C'mon, admit it! Scared the bejeebus out of me!)

Scout Jill O. snapped this photo at the Owl's Head Transportation Museum in Owl's Head, Maine!

Not QUITE sure what this is a model of, but if you look close in the lower left-hand corner, you'll see some tiny horse-shaped objects!

Not sure what the little one on the left are, but the pinto in the middle is the Breyer Classic Andalusian Foal, and the brown one on the right is the Breyer Classic Mustang Foal! I assume they're representing the horses used to power the wheel that turned the gears that spun the do-dad that powered the thingamajig...though how much power little baby foals would provide, that's to be seen.

Cool! Thanks again, Jill!

Army Wives have Breyers Too!

Erstwhile scout Jill O. reported seeing Breyers on the TV show "Army Wives", which I had never ever heard of (but then, I'm more likely to watch Andrew Zimmern eat maggots on the Travel Channel than anything on the Lifetime network. ). But sure enough, here they are:

From left to right is the Breyer "Stormy" foal, and the Breyer Classic "Johar".

Nice to know whatever soap opera strife the character may go through, she brought her beloved Breyers along!

Thank you, Jill, for the photo!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kentucky Horse Park Museum of the Horse

It's not surprising to find a model horse at a museum about the horse, but in this case, it's a Breyer, so fair game!

Here's a badly repainted Breyer "Misty" on display, most likely representing Horse-Themed Toys Through The Ages...although they could legitimately used an original finish one just as well in my book.

Thanks to Model Horse Blab member, "Whinnie", for finding this sighting!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice (1988) is another hobby favorite, and one that made me jump out of my theater seat when the Breyers came on screen!

Shortly after their demise, Adam and Barbara return home and discover they're quite dead.

Barbara illustrates this by picking up a Bay Breyer Shetland Pony and "trotting" it in front of the mirror, showing the model has a reflection, but they do not.

Models on the mantel: (Sorry this is so rough, I need to get to the library and get the DVD, but for now, it's photos taken from a VHS copy played on the TV)...the small white pony looks like the Goebel shetland, next to that, it's hard to tell even on the DVD...looks like a badly customized Standing Stock Foal (roughness right where the neck is turned), and the horse to the far left looks glossy, so maybe a china? Ditto for the little horse on the far right.

The Black Stallion

Another famous Breyer sighting. The Black Stallion, 1979. Young Alec Ramsey awakens, with the Breyer #64 "Foundation Stallion" on his nightstand. The Foundation Stallion in black was released from 1977 to 1987.

Breyer did release the official "Black Stallion" model, but not until 1982. It even came in a set with a (dopey) little Alec Ramsey doll and race tack.

The Stuff of Legends: Little House on the Prairie

This 1974 episode of "Little House on the Prairie" IS legendary in the model horse collecting hobby. In fact, this was my very first Breyer sighting when the show first broadcast. The episode is "The Voice of Tinker Jones", which can also be found on YouTube!

In a nutshell, the town's children gather up household implements and toys to melt down for a bell for the church. Among those items include many "metal toys" which, to our trained eyes, are simply very very badly repainted Breyer horses and animals!

Here the tinker shows the children that yes, he could melt down a horribly repainted Breyer Pacer for the bell, and they should go forth and gather similar badly repainted plastic toys!
For some reason I want to say "M-O-O-N, that spells 'horse'."

Laura Ingalls convinces Nellie Olson to part with some of her massive Breyer collection:
Let's see...what do we see there...Left to right: Badly repainted Appaloosa Performance Horse, original finish Moose, original finish Mountain Goat, the head of a badly repainted Indian Pony, and the head of a badly repainted Proud Arabian Stallion. Way to go, Nellie! That's more Breyers than I had at that age! (i.e. NONE!)

Laura "helps", and appears to have the Breyer Buck or Doe in her hand, it's hard to tell the gender. Behind the Moose it looks like the Quarter Horse Yearling mold, probably badly-repainted.

Having looted the Olson household, the girls return home and ask Ma if they can destroy their own belongings for the good of the Collective.
Future shots show the return of the badly painted Pacer, and a badly painted El Pastor.
Ma: "As long as they aren't Connoisseur Series, I suppose it's all right to melt them down!"

A better view of the El Pastor and the Pacer before their untimely demise. Interestingly, the Breyer El Pastor was released in 1974...same year as this television show!

The Tinker points an accusing finger at Mary and Laura...admonishing them for having such poorly repainted Breyers!

Mercifully they don't show any horses going into the strangely chocolatey melted concoction, but this sure looks like the Breyer Black Bear to me.

If you're looking for the hobby equivalent of a snuff film, well, this is for you!

(a) Full House (of Breyers!)

The old 1980's-90's TV series, "Full House", is legendary among Breyer collectors for the Breyers living in the girls' room. Personally I could never stand the show, but maybe if I knew there would be Breyers, I might have watched it for that reason alone!

Breyers on the Dresser: Left to right: Semi-Rearing Mustang (Looks Palomino?? That'd make it one of the Black Horse Ranch Palomino special run Mustangs, released in 1988, a limited edition of only 333 pieces! Now where on earth did the Props Department find one of those???), Legionarrio III in original alabaster with grey shadings, unknown & unknown.

Ah, that's better, judging from the warped front legs, that looks like a palomino Family Arabian Foal on the left, and the palomino Western Horse on the right!

Behold the old 1970's era Clydesdale Mare and Foal with stable blankets. I hope the girls know not to leave those blankets on too long, otherwise staining of the finish might occur!

Closer look at the Clydesdales. Hobbyist and collector Corky Visminas' clone, Bob Saget, gives advice.

The Western Horse looks on as the girls pimp themselves out to look like little whores. Mary Kate /or Ashley ponders her future which will follow in their footsteps (whatever became of those two anyway? Not that I REALLY want to know.)