Monday, April 26, 2010

Call of the Wild - 2009

The sharp eyes of another scout found this very impressive display of Breyers in the recent version of "Call of the Wild"!

What restaurant is that with a Breyer Buffet!!!??? I want!!!

Thank you, Blab's Whinnie!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Purple Rain

I've been trying to get these photos from Purple Rain for months! Finally the library had the DVD available!

This film doesn't really have anything to do with horses, just that the protagonist, "The Kid", has sort of a foofy lifestyle with harlequin dolls and fluffy shirts and too much eye make-up (but he still likes girls, if you catch my drift). But he DOES have plenty of HSOs (Horse-Shaped Objects), with unidentified unicorns and pegasi, and some very identifiables for our enjoyment!

In an intro shot to The Kid's lovely basement apartment (cough cough), we get a close-up of an old Hartland "Horse and Rider" series horse. I THINK it might be Dale Evans' "Buttermilk" or maybe Palladin's Horse.

Bad Apollonia, ignoring the poor bent-over Breyer Fighting Stallion on the shelf behind her!
Here's another shot of that same shelf, later on in the movie. Maybe there's not enough height to that shelf to allow the horse to be displayed properly.
Looks like a cheesy Hong Kong on the shelf above it. Looks like The Kid isn't much into organization, with horses scattered willynilly.

Later on, pondering his father's words, we see a horse-shaped blur behind him.
I'm wondering if that might not be the Breyer "Sham". It kind of looked like it when I zoomed in on the television.

Another opening shot towards the end of the film, more random HSOs.

And we tickle the ivories half-naked by candlelight.
But there's BREYERS on the top of that piano!!

We never get a good shot of them, but I swear the one on the left is the Classic Arabian Stallion:
And I suspect the one on the far left is the Classic Mustang Mare.

I just hope that when The Kid moves out of his parents' basement after achieving the fame he sought for so long, that he carefully packs up his horses and brings them to his new above-ground abode!

Gilmore Girls

Astute viewer Lynn W. spotted this Breyer Classic Black Stallion in the "Application Episode" of "The Gilmore Girls". Awesome!

LOL..."I Am The Biggest Horse in the WORLD!"

Thanks, Lynn!