Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Who would guess that the Sci Fi flick, "K-Pax", would have Breyers in it! Even stranger, who the heck keeps their Breyers on top of the refrigerator????

Looks like the Breyer FAS #814 from 1989-90, and the Classic Andalusian Mare in Buckskin up there. Too bad they didn't use Running Stallions, then they'd fall over every time they closed the fridge door!

Thanks to Blabber Kim. A for this great detective work!

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Lovely Bones

It's getting to be that just about any movie that involves a young female in danger is guaranteed to have model horses in it somewhere!! (War of the Worlds, The Dead Girl, Taken). "The Lovely Bones" turned out to be no exception, although ironically, the Horse Shaped Object (HSO) was actually in the little BOY'S bedroom!

You can tell it's the little boy's room because of the race car wall paper. And up on the shelf, an old Marx Johnny West series horse and rider (Is that Pancho the pony? I believe so). This movie takes place around 1973-74, I don't believe they were making the "Best of the West" toys then, which means this might be a hand-me-down. Poor kid doesn't have any of the accessories for it, not even a bridle!

If there's one thing good to say about Susan Sarandon, she certainly plays boozy old broads very well!