Thursday, September 10, 2009

That 70's Show

Here's another staple in the Breyer Sightings lexicon. Thanks to Blabber "Tifns" for finding these screen caps!!

Kind of difficult to identify which Breyers these are. The pinto in the middle is definitely the Proud Arabian Mare "Karma Gypsy" mold, and the brown one to the right appears to be a mahogany bay Proud Arabian Mare (an actual 1970's mold). My guess is a black Western Horse to the left, and can't begin to guess what the one on the far right might be. Maybe the Thoroughbred Mare? Any guesses?

The Disney Christmas Train Again

Astute scout Heather D. went to see the Disney Christmas Train (previously mentioned here), and got some wonderful photos of the Lady Phases in harness!

Here's a pleasant surprise...the off-side horse is the long-tailed version of the Lady Phase!

The Dresden Files

A great historical Breyer (or maybe Hartland) sighting on the shelves here in an episode of "The Dresden Files" TV show. This appears to be one of the original MasterCrafter™ Clocks from 1950 or thereabouts, the first appearance of a horse made by Breyer!! It's either a palomino, or else a very, very yellowed alabaster, with possibly the original snap-cinch saddle!

Obviously the owner knows he's got something good, why else would it be displayed so nicely?

Thanks to Kim A. for finding this one!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Templeton Thompson Music Video - "Girls & Horses"

Yeah, yeah, kind of an obvious one, considering Thompson performed at Breyerfest, and a Breyer model of her real horse (in this video) was one of the silent auction pieces, but it fits the criteria, so here we go!!

Girl playing with barn and Breyers. I would have killed my best friend to have a barn like that when I was a kid!!

Nice...kid not only has the boffo barn, but nice brand new 2008 Breyers to play with!!! Me, I had Hartlands and was glad to have 'em! My barns were boxes with doors cut out of them

Girl loves horses sooooo much she sleeps with 'em!

And probably pokes herself on those pointy ears!!

Thanks to Model Horse Blab member "Whinnie" for finding this for me!

Ah well, enough sour grapes. Here's the video, if your blood sugar is at a healthy level:

Become a Scout!!

I get plenty of Breyer Sighting reports, but haven't had any luck finding screen shots of these sightings. So I thought I'd list the reports, and if some of you have access to TiVo or DVR or own these movies, and would like to get the screen shots for the blog, that'd be terrific!!

From Lindsay M:
I think I may have another breyer sighting for you. On Cartoon Network, there is a show called Chowder. In the episode Big Food, I believe it shows the main characters riding on two repainted FASs. The episode is playing on Cartoon Network on Saturday, the 22, at 12 PM EST. There is another miniepisode before that one that you have to get through and they can be kind of ridiculous. But it might be worth checking out.

From Tina D:
...It was a commercial I saw on CNN yesterday for a Michael Jackson litho (yeah, I snorted as soon as I figured out what they were trying to sell. Only made for 30 days!!! With an official-looking seal!!! But wait, that's not all, you get TWO lithos for the low, low price of $10!!!). About 2/3 the way through the ad there is a shot of a blonde admiring one of the lithos set on a white built-in bookcase. I swear I saw an alabaster FAM just above it.

From Lori B:
....Ice Road Truckers...What is the model of the horse Lisa has on her dashboard! I checked out Breyer Gypsy Vanners, don't think it's any of those. I think it could be a Schleich GV, just looks huge because the camera is on the dashboard.

From Ellen M.:
Does anyone watch Saving Grace??? There was a Little Bit model on the desk of one of the officers.

From Deana B:
... watching Purple Rain the other night.One of the scenes that takes place in Prince's bedroom flashes on what looked like a bay Fighting Stallion "standing" down on all fours. There were a couple others in the background, shown momentarily, that I could not make out.

Kyle9701 on Blab:
In " Hey Dude" from the 90s Brad has a bunch of breyers on her desk mostly classics from what I remember


In Nightmare on Elm Street Freddys Dead there is a palamino FAF on a shelf when its the wizard of Oz scene lol (Sue: ain't no way I'm watching any slasher flicks for Breyer sightings, somebody braver than I can do that job, ha ha!)

From Dr. BorkBork on Blab:
"Breyer sighting last night on informercial of all things!

It was for Tupperware that keeps your produce good for 3 months

They were both classic scale, one was the older warmblood, the other was the Arab I think "

From JRT Mom on Blab:
Saw a Target "Back To School" commercial last night with a boy getting out of bed and a Breyer on his nightstand or shelf. I'll have to watch closer for make and model. Just took me by surprise and I wasn't prepared to gather details.

From gigglingponies on Blab:
I know there is a model in Bedtime Stories, you see it several times in the movie it's on Adam Sandlers desk in his apartment. Sorry can't remember which model it is.

I think in the movie Just Married there is a jumping stallion on the wife-to-be's dresser in her parents house.

From Red Morgan on Blab:
Also in the 90's NBC series I'll Fly Away about the civil rights movement, the youngest son was always wearing a cowboy outfit and playing with some old Breyers, can't recall what they were at the moment...

From LadyBrooklyn on Blab:
E.T. - Gertie had the classic Black Beauty family in a barn in her room.

Revolutionary Road - Running Mare... not sure where

Kill Bill 2 - Trigger

Six Pack (with Kenny Rogers) - has models somewhere in it.

KanoenKementur on Blab:
... I saw the film "Two Bits and Pepper" yesterday, and one of the girls had a lot of horses in her room

I'd also love to find some decent screen caps of "Captain Oats" from The O.C. if anyone could help out there!

Also Breyers have been reported being spotted in:

- Weird Science
- Sixteen Candles
- Son-in-Law
- American Pie
- Hanna Montana Movie
- Gilmore Girls TV series
- The Horse Whisperer
- Gene Simmons Family Jewels TV series

Thanks in advance!