Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The OC

I've never seen "The O.C." television show, but the persona of "Captain Oats" is legend. Apparently he's a toy horse, or actually the Breyer buckskin Pony of the Americas model. He's appeared in 6 episodes, and even has his own fansite!

Boogie Nights

"Boogie Nights" is legendary in the Breyer Sitings mythology! Rather early in the film, the hero's girlfriend has a nice little collection. It's nice to see girls who haven't gotten rid of their horses just because they've discovered boys (and how!)

A matte bay Breyer Grazing Foal stands open-mouthed in shock at the goings-ons in the bedroom.

Looks like the Breyer Stretched Morgan on the shelf...

Nope, it's a Family Arabian Stallion, along with a Proud Arabian Stallion on the top shelf, a Family Arabian Mare sharing the second shelf, and it looks like a Running Mare on the bottom.

She also collects the G1 (Generation One) Stablemates, looks like the chestnut Morgan Stallion and the alabaster Arabian Mare.

And a nice black G1 Thoroughbred mare!

Not a big fan of this movie, but at least it has Breyers!

War of the Worlds

I'm one of the few people who actually enjoyed the most recent 2005 edition of "War of the Worlds". Even moreso because of the Breyer Sighting!!

Poor hung-over looking Dakota Fanning ponders her future with her Breyer Classic Arabian Stallion, and Classic Johar (I think, it's hard to see). I didn't notice if she took her Breyers with her when she and her family ran for their lives in the alien attack, but I'd like to think she did. I certainly would have!

Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction is (I think) the only serious Will Ferrel movie out there, and I rather enjoyed it, despite some wooden acting and unpleasant feeling of where you knew the plot was heading. Again, I was enthralled by the drama, blood pressure rising, worrying about the main character, when BAM, I'm brought back to reality by a Breyer Sighting!!!

Towards the end of the film, this little boy awakens on the fateful morning....with his lovely Breyer collection on his headboard!!

Best guesses are, from left to right: Breyer Bay Shetland Pony, Breyer Clydesdale Mare, Breyer Classic Dutchess, Classic Quarter Horse Mare, Classic Ginger, Classic Quarter Horse Foal, Classic Quarter Horse Stallion (behind the foal), Breyer Five-Gaiter, unknown, Breyer Sea Star, Breyer Running Stallion in black appaloosa, unknown, Classic Arabian Mare, and unknown palomino. Whew!

I'd have killed to have a collection like that at that age! Oops, don't want to give the movie plot away!!

The Polar Express

Yes, even digitally-created Breyers count for this Blog!!

Easily identified in this capture from " The Polar Express" is the matte bay Fighting Stallion, and the matte bay Running Mare.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

I was really enjoying this film, happily sniffling and bawling towards the end. Nothing harshes a sad movie buzz like a Breyer Sighting!! I had to hit "Pause", and my tears turned to laughter...the Breyer Classic Black Stallion in palomino was the LAST thing I was expecting!

I forgot to do the math...if anyone has seen the movie and was keeping track, about what year would this have taken place? Assuming Benjamin was 87 when he was born in 1918, and looks about 2 in this photo (Much too young for a Breyer...those sharp pointy ears and all), that'd place it in 2003. The Breyer Classic Black Stallion came out in palomino in 2003!

Except Daisy (the lady in the photo) is hospital-bound in 2005, I suppose it's possible she could age that much in two years, especially suffering from cancer (I assume, since she had the head scarf on). She still had all her teeth it looked like.

Now I'm reading on IMDB that Daisy was born in 1924, which would make her 81 in 2005. Hm. No way is she 79 in that photo, so, Boo Hiss on the improperly-placed Breyer, time-wise!