Tuesday, December 29, 2009


In the December 28, 2009 episode of "Hoarders" that aired on A&E, the camera offers a quick shot of one of the hoarders' little horse collection!! This appears around 8 minutes into the show.

Looks like a Barbie horse (big white one), the palomino pinto looks like one of the Breyer Ponies or Dapples or whatever they call them. Next to that is the old Classic Arabian Stallion, and the black and white pinto "Pinto Sporthorse" on the Jet Run. Next to that, I can't guess.

Earlier in the show is a shot of a bedroom (I guess), and in the upper right corner you can spy part of some horse. Any guesses? Maybe a Marx or Barbie Horse, judging from the apparent size of it.

One of many "What A Slob These People Are" type shows that make me feel good about my housekeeping skills (such as they are, lol)

And "After" the clean-up, the horses are organized in the little girl's room:
Can't really tell what they are though, a lot of Barbie types and other Non-Breyer Horse Shaped Objects.
I imagine she inherited the Classic Arabian from her mom. That's my guess anyway.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Target Store Ad

I guess it's only right, since Target sells Breyers at their stores, that they should include on in their TV ad!

What a cute little Traditional Running Foal on the shelf there. Wonder what he thinks of that red and purple dinosaur in front of him!!

Thank you Tiffany S. for snagging these photos from your TV! That's dedication!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Intel Magazine Ad

Breyers everywhere in this magazine ad for Intel. Ironically, touting their dust-free manufacturing processes. Erm...dust and model horses are like bacon and eggs! Cookies and milk! Peanut butter and jelly (is it lunchtime yet?).

But this kiddo has an amazing collection, something I'd have committed murder to get at that age!
(Click on the picture for a bigger view)

Where to start, yeesh! On the shelf on the left, other than the unidentified no-name brand type horses, she also has the original Breyer Silver, the Classic Andalusian Stallion (as "Cloud), and something that looks Breyerish behind him. In the middle of the circular stand is the Breyer "Blue Suede Shoes" on the Silver mold

On the pink shelves, top row, I think that's one of those cool HUGE horses they had at Target, but next to him is the Breyer "Smarty Jones" galloping into the picture. Second shelf from the top might be plush Breyers, but I'm not up on those.

Third shelf looks like two Thoroughbreds on the Cigar mold, can't quite tell what's peeking out behind the blue dot.

4th shelf down, again we have the Traditional "Cloud" (I think this girl likes Cloud), behind him is the Starlight Unicorn (Running Stallion with blue sparkles on his butt), a Stablemate Thoroughbred, one of the Classic MesteƱo mustangs, a couple of Classic Foals, not sure which play set is behind them...and that little buckskin muzzle just peeking into the right edge will haunt me to my grave, wondering who it is!

Nice collection, kid, and thanks to Tiffany S. for sending this to me!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

On the Sunday, October 18 edition of the ABC series, "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition", a wonderful Breyer Sighting occurred!

There's one panning shot towards the beginning of the episode, showing the miserable crappy house, and apparently the mom has a little horse collection (I love the shelves though!)

She's got (from left to right) a Legionario III, the Classic Arabian Stallion, bay Running Mare, and the old Azteca. Hm, wonder what was in that empty spot on the shelf there.

On the shelf below is the Clydesdale Mare, and in the lower left corner, the old (but not that old) Hagen-Renaker mini Western Horse. Glad she has them up high, out of reach of the 4 year old and 2 year old in the house!!

I couldn't help but notice that these horses were nowhere to be seen after the makeover. I hope they just neglected to show them, and that they hadn't been tossed!

Thanks to Zana G. for spotting this for me!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Raining Sunshine

Jocelyn C., or more accurately, her little sister, spotted these Breyers in the background of Miranda Cosgrove's new music video for her song "Raining Sunshine" on Nickeloden.
Obviously she received the Breyer Clydesdale Mare and Western Horse as birthday presents, probably from some ignorant Aunt who thought she liked horses. Otherwise, she'd have cleared all those books off those shelves and have it loaded ceiling to floor with MORE BREYERS! Sheesh, what is she thinking!!
Poor lonesome Clydesdale Mare. She needs her foal. And her husband. And a couple hundred herd members to keep her company!!

27 Dresses

Kristina L. also sent me the link to this YouTube clip from the movie "27 Dresses". On the shelf up by the ceiling is a large Budweiser display, with the famous Clydesdales.

At first glance, one might assume those are the Breyer Clydesdales, but looking closer, you can see that the foreleg is raised too high, and the hind leg is raised, meaning it's trotting. Which leads me to believe this is the famous Hartland Budweiser Display.

I saw one once in an antique mall with a $1000.00 price tag on it. Wonder where the set decorators found one!


Okay, this has got to be one of the strangest Breyer Sightings! Breyer Hunter Kristina L. was innocently watching the "Futurama" DVD "Wild Green Yonder" special features, and lo and behold, what appears but the Breyer Classic Quarter Horse Stallion on the table!

O...kay. Now I want to rent the DVD to find out just WHY there might be a little toy horse on the tabletop, lol!

If it Burps, You Know It's Fresh!!

Astute observer Liz G. found a couple of Classic Breyers in a Tupperware commercial!!

Enjoying the fine Tupperware products are the Breyer Classic Black Stallion (left) and I believe the Breyer Classic Keen on the right.

Okay, so is she, like, feeding Froot Loops to her horses, or emptying the container to put the horses IN it? I'll admit I use those Glad disposable containers to store my harnesses in (er, model horse harnesses, little too small for the real horse harness). I once was a child, and for the life of me, I can't ever remember bringing my few battered Hartlands down to the kitchen table to play with them and eat dry cereal. Maybe it's a generational thing.

Apparently it's for the "Keep Fresh" products, and you can see the commercial (and learn more about this product, which I do not use and thus am not endorsing, in case the Obama administration is reading this Blog) here!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

That 70's Show

Here's another staple in the Breyer Sightings lexicon. Thanks to Blabber "Tifns" for finding these screen caps!!

Kind of difficult to identify which Breyers these are. The pinto in the middle is definitely the Proud Arabian Mare "Karma Gypsy" mold, and the brown one to the right appears to be a mahogany bay Proud Arabian Mare (an actual 1970's mold). My guess is a black Western Horse to the left, and can't begin to guess what the one on the far right might be. Maybe the Thoroughbred Mare? Any guesses?

The Disney Christmas Train Again

Astute scout Heather D. went to see the Disney Christmas Train (previously mentioned here), and got some wonderful photos of the Lady Phases in harness!

Here's a pleasant surprise...the off-side horse is the long-tailed version of the Lady Phase!

The Dresden Files

A great historical Breyer (or maybe Hartland) sighting on the shelves here in an episode of "The Dresden Files" TV show. This appears to be one of the original MasterCrafter™ Clocks from 1950 or thereabouts, the first appearance of a horse made by Breyer!! It's either a palomino, or else a very, very yellowed alabaster, with possibly the original snap-cinch saddle!

Obviously the owner knows he's got something good, why else would it be displayed so nicely?

Thanks to Kim A. for finding this one!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Templeton Thompson Music Video - "Girls & Horses"

Yeah, yeah, kind of an obvious one, considering Thompson performed at Breyerfest, and a Breyer model of her real horse (in this video) was one of the silent auction pieces, but it fits the criteria, so here we go!!

Girl playing with barn and Breyers. I would have killed my best friend to have a barn like that when I was a kid!!

Nice...kid not only has the boffo barn, but nice brand new 2008 Breyers to play with!!! Me, I had Hartlands and was glad to have 'em! My barns were boxes with doors cut out of them

Girl loves horses sooooo much she sleeps with 'em!

And probably pokes herself on those pointy ears!!

Thanks to Model Horse Blab member "Whinnie" for finding this for me!

Ah well, enough sour grapes. Here's the video, if your blood sugar is at a healthy level:

Become a Scout!!

I get plenty of Breyer Sighting reports, but haven't had any luck finding screen shots of these sightings. So I thought I'd list the reports, and if some of you have access to TiVo or DVR or own these movies, and would like to get the screen shots for the blog, that'd be terrific!!

From Lindsay M:
I think I may have another breyer sighting for you. On Cartoon Network, there is a show called Chowder. In the episode Big Food, I believe it shows the main characters riding on two repainted FASs. The episode is playing on Cartoon Network on Saturday, the 22, at 12 PM EST. There is another miniepisode before that one that you have to get through and they can be kind of ridiculous. But it might be worth checking out.

From Tina D:
...It was a commercial I saw on CNN yesterday for a Michael Jackson litho (yeah, I snorted as soon as I figured out what they were trying to sell. Only made for 30 days!!! With an official-looking seal!!! But wait, that's not all, you get TWO lithos for the low, low price of $10!!!). About 2/3 the way through the ad there is a shot of a blonde admiring one of the lithos set on a white built-in bookcase. I swear I saw an alabaster FAM just above it.

From Lori B:
....Ice Road Truckers...What is the model of the horse Lisa has on her dashboard! I checked out Breyer Gypsy Vanners, don't think it's any of those. I think it could be a Schleich GV, just looks huge because the camera is on the dashboard.

From Ellen M.:
Does anyone watch Saving Grace??? There was a Little Bit model on the desk of one of the officers.

From Deana B:
... watching Purple Rain the other night.One of the scenes that takes place in Prince's bedroom flashes on what looked like a bay Fighting Stallion "standing" down on all fours. There were a couple others in the background, shown momentarily, that I could not make out.

Kyle9701 on Blab:
In " Hey Dude" from the 90s Brad has a bunch of breyers on her desk mostly classics from what I remember


In Nightmare on Elm Street Freddys Dead there is a palamino FAF on a shelf when its the wizard of Oz scene lol (Sue: ain't no way I'm watching any slasher flicks for Breyer sightings, somebody braver than I can do that job, ha ha!)

From Dr. BorkBork on Blab:
"Breyer sighting last night on informercial of all things!

It was for Tupperware that keeps your produce good for 3 months

They were both classic scale, one was the older warmblood, the other was the Arab I think "

From JRT Mom on Blab:
Saw a Target "Back To School" commercial last night with a boy getting out of bed and a Breyer on his nightstand or shelf. I'll have to watch closer for make and model. Just took me by surprise and I wasn't prepared to gather details.

From gigglingponies on Blab:
I know there is a model in Bedtime Stories, you see it several times in the movie it's on Adam Sandlers desk in his apartment. Sorry can't remember which model it is.

I think in the movie Just Married there is a jumping stallion on the wife-to-be's dresser in her parents house.

From Red Morgan on Blab:
Also in the 90's NBC series I'll Fly Away about the civil rights movement, the youngest son was always wearing a cowboy outfit and playing with some old Breyers, can't recall what they were at the moment...

From LadyBrooklyn on Blab:
E.T. - Gertie had the classic Black Beauty family in a barn in her room.

Revolutionary Road - Running Mare... not sure where

Kill Bill 2 - Trigger

Six Pack (with Kenny Rogers) - has models somewhere in it.

KanoenKementur on Blab:
... I saw the film "Two Bits and Pepper" yesterday, and one of the girls had a lot of horses in her room http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114752/

I'd also love to find some decent screen caps of "Captain Oats" from The O.C. if anyone could help out there!

Also Breyers have been reported being spotted in:

- Weird Science
- Sixteen Candles
- Son-in-Law
- American Pie
- Hanna Montana Movie
- Gilmore Girls TV series
- The Horse Whisperer
- Gene Simmons Family Jewels TV series

Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Breyers on the DallasNews.com

Breyer Scout Lynn W. forwarded the sighting of this pair of repainted "Swish-Tail" Lady Phases in a video news report on the DallasNews.com web site! It's from some promotional event from Disney for the upcoming "A Christmas Carol" film...how cute, they're pulling a little hearse!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

9 Toys That Prepare Children for a Life of Menial Labor

Thanks to Morgan P. for finding this hilarious gem on the cracked.com web site!! (Warning, some naughty words!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


"Phenomenon" (1996) is another film I'd never have watched if not for doing research for this blog. I'll admit right here and now, I loathe John Travolta, always have, probably always will. But the amazing quantity of Breyers in this film almost made the pain worthwhile! Almost.

53 or so minutes into the film we finally get to see the Breyers...of course, as set decoration for the little girl's room (do we see a pattern here???).

Mom enters the bedroom, displeased that daughter is reading a book on UFOs.

But MAN, what a great collection!!! It's a little hard to see here (I just discovered that you can click on the photos and it opens them in another window full size, so have at it!), but on the top shelf, right to left, I see the Black Appaloosa Scratching Foal, the old G1 SM QH Mare in Palomino, the dapple grey Proud Arabian Foal, the black Classic Arabian Foal, some little brown horse, the alabaster Shetland Pony, the bay Running Foal, the Stormy foal, can't tell, can't tell, can't tell, the bay Proud Arabian Foal, the Classic Kelso, and something brown.

On the dresser there's the Appaloosa Yearling with the chestnut Balking Mule behind her, to the left are the Stablemate Morgan Stallion in alabaster, and the Stablemate Quarter Horse Stallion in Palomino. On top of the radio is the Classic Swaps.

On the little bookshelf it looks like the Classic Quarter Horse Mare and the Classic Man O' War. Pretty good collection so far!

Another view, revealing a Gem Twist behind the light, and I THINK the old Traditional Man O'War in front.

On the daughter's bedside stand are two Classic Quarter Horse Foals (one black, one bay)

And look who's peeking out from behind the drapes, the good ole' Clydesdale Stallion (highlighted)

She's also got a good display on the shelves over her head, unfortunately we never get a good view of those models. I can pick out on the far right the Classic Lipizzan (or could be the Pegasus, since I can't see the top half). There's also the buckskin Lying Foal towards the far left.

Mom goes and gets "Black Beauty" from the bookshelf (yeah, let's read a sad book about a horse that suffers and sees his friends die, that's better than a book on UFOs!!), and reveals another Breyer "Stormy" and possibly the Belgian Brabant behind it on the bottom shelf!

Done arguing with her daughter, and admonishing her to go brush her teeth, we get a view of two more impressive shelves of the daughter's collection, and some of the shelf above the bed revealing it IS the Classic Lipizzan and Misty's Twilight at least.

Judging from the age of the daughter and the vintage status of most of the models, it looks to me like she inherited her mom's collection! Way to go, kiddo!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Dead Girl

One wouldn't imagine finding model horses in a movie titled "The Dead Girl", but thanks to a tip, I found 'em!

About 30 minutes into the film, one of the main characters goes into her missing sister's bedroom, untouched for 15 years. And looks like little sister had a pretty good starter collection going. Unfortunately, no Breyers. I believe she was 12 when she disappeared, so c'mon mom & dad, spring for some Breyers!!

Instead we've got dorky Unicorn bells, some My Little Ponies, and some form of Barbiesque horror on the bottom shelf. Maybe the girl ran away from home to find parents who'd spring for actual Breyers instead of this cheap stuff (no offense meant to the MLP fans out there!)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Ally Bank Pony Commercial

This hilarious ad is presently being broadcast for the Ally Bank (Previously GMAC Financing). The expressions on the dark-haired girl's face are priceless!

But the horse is the main point of interest. At first I thought it was the Schleich Haflinger Stallion, but its head is facing the wrong direction. Anyone else have a clue?

Addendum: My informed sources tell me that the model is in fact the Schleich Quarter Horse Stallion!! Thank you!


"Taken" is a kick-butt action thriller starring Liam Neeson, that I'd been wanting to see ever since it came out in 2008. But then I found out there was a bonus of the film containing BREYERS...can't get much better than that (okay, maybe if it were also starring Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp)

Within the first SECONDS of the film beginning we get our first Breyer!

Little Kim's 5th Birthday Party, and Hoorah! A Breyer Zippo Pine Bar! Made in this color from 1999-2006. Let's see...Kim is 17 in 2008, so she'd have been 5 in 1996! Ooo, bad move, Filmmakers, that model wouldn't exist for another three years! Released mid-year in 1999, because that's when I bought mine at Breyerfest for $35!

Ah well, she seems to be enjoying it. Maybe Daddy is also a time traveler along with being a "Preventer"!

Kim is a Black Hole Collector, because here in her 2008 bedroom we see she still has her Zippo along with quite a few other notable Breyers!

Let's see; Left to right: Zippo Pine Bar, what looks to me like the Action Stock Horse Foal in grey appaloosa, the Clydesdale Stallion, the smoke Western Prancer, the original bay El Pastor, the original Legionarrio III, and the original "chestnut" Clydesdale Mare! Kim has a taste for the vintage molds apparently! Time for Hollywood to update their prop department!

Another shot of Kim's collection. On the shelves above the Breyers she has a couple of unidentifiable foofoo sissy horses not worth mentioning.

Never before mentioned in the same sentence as "foofoo" and "sissy".. Liam Neeson about to cap another dozen or so bad guys!

Jack Bauer could take lessons from this guy! AND he buys his daughter Breyers! What's not to love!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Occurance at Owl's Head Museum

(C'mon, who else had to watch "An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge" in Junior High? C'mon, admit it! Scared the bejeebus out of me!)

Scout Jill O. snapped this photo at the Owl's Head Transportation Museum in Owl's Head, Maine!

Not QUITE sure what this is a model of, but if you look close in the lower left-hand corner, you'll see some tiny horse-shaped objects!

Not sure what the little one on the left are, but the pinto in the middle is the Breyer Classic Andalusian Foal, and the brown one on the right is the Breyer Classic Mustang Foal! I assume they're representing the horses used to power the wheel that turned the gears that spun the do-dad that powered the thingamajig...though how much power little baby foals would provide, that's to be seen.

Cool! Thanks again, Jill!

Army Wives have Breyers Too!

Erstwhile scout Jill O. reported seeing Breyers on the TV show "Army Wives", which I had never ever heard of (but then, I'm more likely to watch Andrew Zimmern eat maggots on the Travel Channel than anything on the Lifetime network. ). But sure enough, here they are:

From left to right is the Breyer "Stormy" foal, and the Breyer Classic "Johar".

Nice to know whatever soap opera strife the character may go through, she brought her beloved Breyers along!

Thank you, Jill, for the photo!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kentucky Horse Park Museum of the Horse

It's not surprising to find a model horse at a museum about the horse, but in this case, it's a Breyer, so fair game!

Here's a badly repainted Breyer "Misty" on display, most likely representing Horse-Themed Toys Through The Ages...although they could legitimately used an original finish one just as well in my book.

Thanks to Model Horse Blab member, "Whinnie", for finding this sighting!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Beetle Juice

Beetle Juice (1988) is another hobby favorite, and one that made me jump out of my theater seat when the Breyers came on screen!

Shortly after their demise, Adam and Barbara return home and discover they're quite dead.

Barbara illustrates this by picking up a Bay Breyer Shetland Pony and "trotting" it in front of the mirror, showing the model has a reflection, but they do not.

Models on the mantel: (Sorry this is so rough, I need to get to the library and get the DVD, but for now, it's photos taken from a VHS copy played on the TV)...the small white pony looks like the Goebel shetland, next to that, it's hard to tell even on the DVD...looks like a badly customized Standing Stock Foal (roughness right where the neck is turned), and the horse to the far left looks glossy, so maybe a china? Ditto for the little horse on the far right.