Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All the While by Frances

Was innocently thumbing through the CDs at the local library, when my eye spied this CD! I have NO clue who the artist is, or what its (his or her's) music sounds like, but dang, there's BREYERS on it!!!

I envy this kid...I'd had killed to have her childhood...a real horse, horse shows, and little plastic horses by the score!!!

What can we see.... in the lower left hand corner there's a My Little Pony, a couple of Grand Champions, a flockie... towards the center in a red blanket is a Breyer Gem Twist. Can't tell what the white/unpainted Trad-scaled horse is right under the bar code...butt looks like an ISH but he his head's turned the wrong way. Any ideas??

The back of the CD sports MORE horsies, I don't know what that unpainted one is, but I think that's one of the Classic Mesteno foals in front of it. Of course the Breyer Traditional "Misty" towards the right hand edge.

A-HA...look at that poster or whatever leaning against the shelf there...the photo has been REVERSED! So it's probably true that the unpainted horse on the floor IS an ISH, whose head is turned to the RIGHT in real life, but turned to the LEFT in this photo!

Where'd they get unpainted Stones???

Frances the band's web site. According to the liner notes, this photo is called "Celeste In Her Bedroom". Nice collection, Celeste!