Thursday, December 5, 2013

And The Award For Best Use of Forced Perspective Goes To.....

The Key & Peele Show!!

You've got to admit, this the the cheesiest and funniest use of a Breyer yet!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Office

Been watching every episode of "The Office" (USA version) on Netflix, and for 69 episodes I've been checking out the backgrounds just in case (you never know!). I about jumped out of my chair when this respectable Breyer collection appeared in Episode 9 of Season 5, "Frame Toby"!

This is supposedly the character Jim's parents' it's my assumption his mom is the Breyer collector! Kinda neat that she seems to like draft horses. But then, they are in Scranton, Pennsylvania... maybe some Amish heritage!

This may be the Greyingham Lucky Lad?

And the sabino Clydesdale Mare

In later scenes the house was cleaned out, so I only imagine the mom carefully moved her collection to their new home. How many husbands would tolerate Breyers on the end tables! What a great couple they must be!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Descendents

The Descendents
Okay, this is about the LAST movie on Earth I'd think would have a Breyer Sighting, but sure enough! About 45 minutes in, the dying mother's hospital room has been decorated by her Alzheimer's patient mother (what a happy film!!!), and what did she put on the window sill but the Breyer Classic "Black Stallion" in Palomino!!

By the way, this was a very good film. Made "Schindler's List" look like a happy musical. Watch it, but with plenty of Kleenex!